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Tax collection

The Philippines’ incoming tax agency chief Lilia Guillermo said she intends to collect the long-due estate tax from the family of President-elect Ferdinand Marcos...
Indonesia hits $1-trillion GDP benchmark

Indonesia, Southeast Asia’s largest economy, for the first time crossed the $1-trillion mark in its GDP revenues, reaching an estimated $1.004 trillion as per...
Cash-strapped Philippine government plans tax amnesty programme

The Philippine government plans the implementation of an Indonesia-type tax amnesty programme to raise much-needed revenue for the government. Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez told Bloomberg...
ADB to pump $1 billion in development loans into Cambodia

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has offered Cambodia development loans of more than $1 billion in the coming four years as the Manila-based financial...
Indonesia growth prospects revised by ADB

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) in an update of its Asian Development Outlook 2016 revised down its forecast for Indonesia’s economic growth this year...