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Tax evasion

Cash-strapped Philippine government plans tax amnesty programme

The Philippine government plans the implementation of an Indonesia-type tax amnesty programme to raise much-needed revenue for the government. Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez told Bloomberg...
Brunei on EU blacklist of global tax havens

The Panama Papers sent shivers across the high society of the world's wealthy and influential - and brought back the attention to global tax...
Switzerland freezes millions amid 1MDB investigation

Swiss authorities said on September 2 they had frozen funds held in Swiss bank accounts amid a probe into people linked to Malaysia's troubled...
Real estate deals account for half of total money inflows to Myanmar

Well over half of all money flowing into Myanmar is being invested in the real estate sector, according to Aye Lwin, joint-secretary of the...
Singapore, Switzerland agree to share tax information

Switzerland and Singapore have both agreed to share data and tax information under a groundbreaking new treaty signed by some 47 nations worldwide. "It's clearly...
Singapore, US to share data on tax dodgers

Singapore has concluded discussions on a tax information sharing agreement with the US that aims to prevent tax evasion by US citizens, permanent residents...
Illicit money flows cost Philippines dearly

A study by US-based anti-graft watchdog Global Financial Integrity (GFI) said a record high of $25.8 billion came into the Philippines illegally in 2011,...