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Malaysia: Zero-sales tax paradise for just three months

After effectively scrapping the unpopular six-per cent goods and services tax (GST) on June 1, Malaysia’s new government will re-introduce a refined sales and...
Singapore set to hike taxes

Singapore will be raising its taxes as money demand from the government grows for spending on infrastructure and social services such as healthcare, said...
Indonesia suspects local Google branch of tricking the taxman

Indonesia's tax office said it will investigate Alphabet Inc, the parent company of Internet giant Google, for suspected unpaid taxes of at least $400...
Indonesia to Google, Twitter, Facebook: Pay taxes or get blocked

Global Internet giants could have their services blocked or at least their bandwidth reduced in Indonesia if they do not obtain "permanent establishment" status...
Malaysia 2016 budget: Taxes up for the rich, higher minimum wage

Embattled Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak unveiled a proposed 2016 national budget on October 23 that delivers benefits for the poor while raising taxes...
Thailand’s shadow economy among biggest globally

Ever wondered why Thailand isn’t simply falling apart in its endless spiral of corruption, military coups, over-challenged governments, volatile economic environment, substandard education and...