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Thai protests start turning more violent

Police in Bangkok on December 26 again used tear gas and rubber bullets against anti-government protesters who tried to break into the Thai-Japanese sports...
Bangkok protesters enter Government House, declare victory

Anti-government protesters declared victory on December 3 after they were allowed to enter the Government House and Metropolitan Police Bureau and police stopped firing...
Protesters clash with riot police in Phnom Penh

Violent clashes erupted on September 15 in Cambodia's capital Phnom Penh between opposition party protesters and riot police, leaving at least one person dead...
Violent clashes erupt in Thailand

Rubber farmers in Thailand, who have been protesting for higher price compensation by the government over the past week, clashed with riot police on...
Thailand expats warned to avoid riots

With around 80,000 people forming in Bangkok for the largest street rally since the violent crackdown in 2010 and busloads of more on August...