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The long wait for Ooredoo in Myanmar

Qatar’s Ooredoo and Norway’s Telenor, the two companies that won the bid for Myanmar’s much-anticipated foreign-offered mobile telecommunications services, haven’t yet been issued their...
Myanmar mobile phone licenses still not issued

Telenor and Ooredoo, the two companies that won the bid for Myanmar's much-anticipated foreign-offered mobile telecommunications services, haven't yet been issued their formal licenses...
Ooredoo, Telenor in network-sharing talks for Myanmar

Qatar's telecom company Ooredoo is in talks with Norway's Telenor to share transmitter towers in Myanmar, seeking cost savings as they build networks in...
Telenor predicts fivefold mobile phone surge in Myanmar

Telenor, the Norwegian company that was granted one mobile phone license in Myanmar, said that mobile phone subscriptions in the country are likely surge...
Chunghwa Telecom eyes Myanmar’s 3G market

Taiwan's largest telecom company, Chunghwa Telecom (CHT), together with leading smartphone maker HTC will cooperate with overseas firms to invest in the largest telecom...
Local Myanmar telecom firm to raise $1b

Myanmar's Yatanapon Teleport, one of the two local rivals against the two foreign mobile operators in Myanmar - Norway’s Telenor and Qatar’s Ooredoo who...
Ooredoo will need to proceed cautiously in Myanmar

The successful bid of Ooredoo (formerly Qatar Telecom) for a mobile phone licence in Myanmar was a great step forward towards closer business relations...
Phone providers in Myanmar reveal price plans

Myanmar, formerly a country with exorbitantly high prices for SIM cards and mobile phone calls, will see fees drastically dropping when Telenor and Ooredoo,...
Myanmar investment reaches $42b in June

Foreign direct investment in Myanmar has reached more than $42 billion from 32 countries by June 2013 as per latest figures from the Myanmar Directorate...
Ooredoo’s landmark deal in Myanmar a big step

Qatar’s mobile phone major Ooredoo has made a great and successful step forward in expanding its reach in ASEAN by picking up a mobile...
Telenor, Ooredoo win Myanmar mobile licenses

Myanmar has granted two new mobile phone licenses to Norway's Telenor and Qatar's Ooredoo, the country's Telecommunications Operator Tender Evaluation and Selection Committee said...
Confusion over Myanmar mobile phone licenses

Eleven companies are eagerly awaiting Myanmar's announcement on who won the two new mobile phone licenses the country is granting, a decision that was...
Telenor seen as frontrunner for Myanmar license

When Myanmar grants two mobile phone licenses tomorrow, June 27, observers expect that Norway's telecom giant Telenor will be one of the winners. Telenor is...
Digicel and Soros pledge $9b for Myanmar

Caribbean-based mobile phone firm Digicel, a consortium led by billionaire George Soros bidding on a mobile phone license in Myanmar, said it is ready...
Vodafone, China Mobile skip Myanmar

Vodafone and China Mobile, the world's two largest mobile phone operators, announced on May 31 that they would withdraw their bids for one of Myanmar's...
Looking East: Mobile phone boom in full swing

Mobile telephony has experienced a huge boom in Southeast Asia over the past decade, providing affordable communication for hundreds of millions of people. Investment opportunities are still there.
Vodafone, China Mobile eye Myanmar

Telecom giants Vodafone (UK) and China Mobile are among the 22 bidders for the license for Myanmar's first nationwide mobile phone network. The world's two...