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Territorial disputes in the South China Sea

Vietnam earmarks $540m for new coast guard fleet

In anticipation of further maritime disputes with China, Vietnam's prime minister, Nguyen Tan Dung, has announced that the government will spend $540 million to...
South China Sea dispute casts a cloud over ASEAN summit in Myanmar

Leaders of Southeast Asia's regional bloc met on May 11 in a historic summit overshadowed by soaring tensions in the South China Sea and...
Philippines offers oil-and-gas tender in disputed waters

The Philippines on May 9 launched a tender for exploration rights in 11 oil and gas blocks, including one in a disputed area of...
South China Sea dispute escalates over oil rig (video)video

Vietnam warned China that it would take all necessary measures to defend its interests in the South China Sea if Beijing does not remove...
ASEAN meeting overshadowed by tensions

The disastrous haze caused by Indonesian forest fires over the past weeks and rekindled territorial disputes in the South China Sea are among the...
China’s island funding fuels conflict

China on December 25 announced it will invest more than $1.6 billion to build infrastructure on disputed islands in the South China Sea and...