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textile exports

The Cambodian government has warned that about 200 garment and textile factories in the country will likely...
European Union revokes preferential trade status for Cambodia

The European Union on the 12th annual EU-Association of Southeast Asian Nations Summit that took place in Brussels on October 18-19 temporarily revoked its...
Cambodia garment makers get nervous over Hun Sen’s policies

The Cambodian textile and garment sector, the main pillar of the impoverished country’s export industry, starts feeling the heat of Prime Minister Hun Sen’s...
Indonesian textile exports to reach $13.3b in 2014

The value of textile exports from Indonesia is likely to touch $13.3 billion in 2014, which would be an increase of 5 per cent...
ASEAN textile exports to US, EU shrinking

Exports of textiles and garments of ASEAN member countries to the US and European Union markets declined in 2012, the Taiwan Textile Federation (TTF)...
Vietnam’s garment industry upbeat

Vietnam's textile industry, one of the country's key export sectors, is on a growth path due to increased interest of foreign firms to shift...