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EU-Vietnam trade agreement to eliminate 99% of all tariffs

The European Commission on October 17 adopted the long-planned trade and investment agreements between the European Union (EU) and Vietnam, paving the way for...
China to pour billions of investment dollars into Cambodia

Cambodia and China on January 11 signed 19 agreements worth several billion dollars to develop the impoverished Southeast Asian country's infrastructure, agriculture and healthcare....
Vietnam foreign trade volume jumps to a record $410 billion

Vietnam this year expects a record foreign trade volume of around $410 billion, the country’s General Department of Vietnam Customs said on December 20....
Malaysia stops imports from North Korea, closes embassy in Pyongyang

Relations between former friends Malaysia and North Korea hit rock bottom in the wake of the alleged assassination of Kim Jong-un’s estranged half-brother at...
Foreign garment investments flow into Vietnam

Many large foreign firms have entered Vietnam's garment and textile sector with an eye on export opportunities the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is expected to...