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Thai people

Thai ex-finance minister harshly attacks government (see full letter)

Thailand's ex-finance minister, ex-foreign minister and former head of the Bank of Thailand, Pridiyathorn Devakula, in an open letter issued on February 6 to...
Thailand breaking up? Red Shirts want capital Chiang Mai

The pro-government red shirt movement in Chiang Mai province said it has prepared a retreat for caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra should the Thai...
Sixteen countries issue travel warnings for Thailand

As much as 16 countries have issued warnings that their citizens visiting Thailand should avoid areas near the anti-government rallies in Bangkok. The latest...
Thailand cracks down on Facebook users

As the government braces for more political protests this week, police in Thailand have charged four people with causing panic by spreading rumours of a...
Thailand expats warned to avoid riots

With around 80,000 people forming in Bangkok for the largest street rally since the violent crackdown in 2010 and busloads of more on August...
Laos and Thailand resume border talks

Thailand and Laos will return to the negotiating table next month to discuss their unresolved border issues. According to a press release from the...
Spotlight: What is Thailand’s next direction?

The precarious political path Thailand has once again stepped onto was the decision of a chat on Twitter today, July 5. Below are some of...
Is ASEAN willpower finally strong enough to cut subsidies?

In light of recent news, the answer is apparently yes. Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines have finally demonstrated the political will necessary to remove...
Ten reasons why Thailand may lose out in the ASEAN race

Thailand will have to address certain issues that affect investors' confidence in order to keep pace with the rapidly changing business environment in ASEAN....
Writing in Thailand: The perfect confluence

A writer in Thailand must learn to adapt to uncertainties, the unspoken unknowns while striking the creative balance that musters the wherewithal to continue dancing between the fire and ice, writes Justin Calderon.