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Thailand Development Research Institute

Thai farmers advised to ‘steal their rice back’

Disgruntled Thai rice growers, who haven't been paid by the government for their crops since November 2013 - some even longer - under the...
Massive withdrawals from Thai banks reported

Local media reports in Thailand on February 5 said that bank customers withdrew about 9 billion baht ($273 million) from their accounts at two...
Thoughts on Thailand

Kan Yuenyong, director of Siam Intelligence Unit, speaks out

The populist rice pledging scheme in Thailand that granted each farmer a fixed price of 15,000 baht ($484) per tonne could lead to a...

ASEAN is at the crossroads. The vibrant economies of the majority of its 10 members are prone to an unprecedented change in their economic and societal structure, wealth distribution and nature of labour.

It appears that the free movement of labour is one of the biggest obstacles for establishing the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) by 2015. After...

Foreign investors are still wary of what they feel are obscure investment regulations, inadequate infrastructure and the volatility of the local currency in Myanmar,...