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Thailand floods

Water management beefed up in Thailand’s dry season

During the hottest and driest season of the year, the massive Chao Phraya dam in central Thailand, one of the largest dams in Southeast...
Thailand floods close factories again

Flooding at an industrial estate east of the Thai capital has forced the closure of two foreign-owned factories producing electronic spare parts, but the...
Bangkok’s Don Mueang airport readies for floods

Bangkok's second largest airport Don Mueang, used by a number of low-cost airlines including Airasia, said on October 5 it has finished building flood...
World’s second longest wooden bridge collapses

Saphan Mon bridge, Thailand's longest wooden bridge and the world's second longest behind Hourai Bridge in Japan, collapsed in the evening of July 28...
Thailand fears repeat of 2011 flood disaster

Heavy rain in several provinces in central, eastern and lower northeastern Thailand since July 23 have caused flash floods that affected around 10,000 people,...

After heavy monsoon rainfall over the last week, Bangkok residents and businesses have become increasingly worried about another catastrophe resembling last year's flooding that...