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Thailand tourism

Thailand’s tourist tracking plan causes astonishment

Thailand presented a plan to force all foreign tourists to have location-tracking SIM cards on their mobile phones when they come to the country,...
Thailand tourism arrivals at record high – capsule hotel to open

With more than 29 million tourists arriving in Thailand this year - a new all-time high -, news that the first outspoken capsule hotel...
Bangkok hotels prepare for price war

With tourism to the Thai capital severely hit due to the ongoing and partly violent street protests, hotels in Bangkok are ready for a...
Thailand plans tourist entry fee of 500 baht

The Thai government is mulling a plan to charge foreigners a 500-baht ($16) entry fee from January 2014, an idea the Ministry of Tourism...
Thailand wants tourists to buy health insurance

Thailand's state agencies have agreed "in principle" with the Public Health Ministry's proposal to require foreign tourists to buy travel and health insurance before...