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Thailand unrest

More Bangkok flights axed due to unrest

As the unrest in Bangkok is carrying on, more flights to the Thai capital have been canceled as travelers increasingly shun the city now...
Bangkok shutdown in full swing

Anti-government protesters in Bangkok early on January 13 have begun noisy demonstrations at several key areas of the city, blocking important intersections and causing...
Bangkok: Machine gun fire near tourist area

One person died and at least seven were injured by gunfire from a M16 rifle in two separate attacks in the early morning of...
More than 100 Bangkok flights cancelled

Airlines have so far cancelled a total of 112 scheduled flights, or 56 round-trips, from Singapore and Hong Kong to Bangkok until late February...
Thailand: Monk ready to be protest leader

A senior Thai monk, Luang Pu Buddha Isara, the abbot of Wat Or Noi in central Nakhon Pathom province, said he would take over...