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Thaksin Shinawatra

Drop rice subsidy scheme, IMF tells Thailand

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) called on Thailand to scrap its pricy scheme to support rice farmers and scale back some other fiscal stimulus...
Thai baht drops amid new protests

Thailand's baht dropped to a seven-week low and bonds fell as anti-government protests sparked by an amnesty bill dim the outlook for the economy...
Thailand hit by mass protests – travel warnings out

Thailand's capital Bangkok is currently the stage for mass protests of the opposition to stop a disputed amnesty bill that would allow fugitive former...
Thailand: Rising tensions weigh on capital market

Rising political tensions in Thailand since the beginning of this week weighed on the nation’s stock market, as investors moved to limit risk in...
Ten reasons why Thailand has become a banana republic

Latest political and economic developments in Thailand have given many observers reason to believe that the country has crossed the line to being a...
Thai PM spent almost $10m for globetrotting

Thailand's Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has been criticised for spending $9.4 million for extensive overseas travel since she took office in August 2011. Yingluck, who...
Thai protests could trim GDP growth by 0.5 percentage points

If anti-government protests and political instability in Thailand continue, GDP growth of the country could be seriously threatened, the Economic and Business Forecasting Center...
Thailand cracks down on Facebook users

As the government braces for more political protests this week, police in Thailand have charged four people with causing panic by spreading rumours of a...
Thai stocks down as Bangkok braces for riots

Thailand's benchmark index SET, which already has been Asia's worst performing stock benchmark in the past 3 months, slumped on August 1 after the...
Thoughts on Thailand

Kan Yuenyong, director of Siam Intelligence Unit, speaks out
Thai exports drop worse than expected, corruption up

Exports from Thailand in June fell 3.38 per cent from the same month last year to $19.10 billion, the country's commerce ministry said on...
Thailand: ‘People’s Army’ aims to overthrow government

A new movement called "People's Army" consisting of anti-government protesters has been formed in Thailand that wants nothing less than to overthrow the current...
As it stands now, investors should be wary of Thailand

After successful growth over the past years, the recovery from the 2011 floods, with a thriving capital market and a favourable investment incentive scheme,...
Thai opposition stokes fears of coup, ‘civil war’

Thailand's opposition leader Abhisit Vejjajiva, head of the Democrat Party, in his recent speeches warned the government of Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra "not to...
Spotlight: What is Thailand’s next direction?

The precarious political path Thailand has once again stepped onto was the decision of a chat on Twitter today, July 5. Below are some of...
Thailand’s 50 super-rich own $84b

Forbes Asia on July 3 came out with the newest "Top 50 richest list" on Thailand, and it can be seen that the tycoons...
Thailand’s $11b water management project stalled

In another blow to the ruling coalition in Thailand, a court in Bangkok on June 27  decided that the planned $11 billion flood control...
Bangkok malls fear riots, shut down

Shopping malls and businesses in central Bangkok will shut down on Sunday, May 19, as a large gathering of Red Shirt protesters is expected...