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The Coca-Cola Company

Coca-Cola plans more factories in Myanmar

US soft drink company Coca-Cola wants to build more factories to satisfy the growing demand in Myanmar as the two existing factories currently in...
US embraces Myanmar to absorb Chinese influence

China is quickly losing its footing in Myanmar. No longer the subject of international castigation, the Southeast Asian nation, once firmly held in the...
Coke bottles sustainability with a lot of committments

One of the largest employers in the world, Coca-Cola, serves 300 million customers every day. Inside Investor asked Gürtay Kipcak, Director of Coca-Cola Eurasia and Africa Group, to explain the giant company’s goals for 2020.
Ho Chi Minh

Vietnam is increasingly becoming an investors' darling for large multinational companies. Among the latest multi-million dollar commitments are considerable investment projects by Coca Cola,...

The makers of Guarana, Brazil’s second most popular soft drink after only Coca-Cola, are trying to bring production of the drink to the Middle...