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Thein Sein

Myanmar president does not seek second term

Myanmar's President Thein Sein, the architect of reforms after the end of military rule, will not be seeking a second term at the next...
ASEAN 2014: Myanmar’s chance to shine

No country resembles a laboratory of political and economic development more than Myanmar. A country with effectively two capitals, old and new, in Yangon...
Japan grants Myanmar $5b development loan

Japan has provided Myanmar with a low-interest development loan of $5 billion as part of a 40-year development plan to assist the country’s growth,...
Myanmar’s stock exchange far from reality

Myanmar is facing delays in establishing a stock exchange which was planned to launch by 2015, according to Koichiro Miyahara, senior executive officer of Japan...
World Bank to lend Myanmar $261 million

The World Bank Group has agreed to lend a total of $261.5 million to Myanmar for infrastructural projects, the country's President Thein Sein announced ...
Myanmar ‘ready to take ASEAN leadership role’

Myanmar is ready to take on the leadership role in ASEAN when it will chair the bloc in 2014, a crucial year to prepare...
Myanmar’s punks break silence on religious violence

Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence, and nothing is more anti-authoritarian than punks who break that silence. Myanmar’s issue is far bigger than its...
Myanmar pledges to free all political prisoners

In Myanmar’s next wave of historical reforms, the former pariah nation has not only owned up to harbouring prisoners incarcerated due to their beliefs,...
US embraces Myanmar to absorb Chinese influence

China is quickly losing its footing in Myanmar. No longer the subject of international castigation, the Southeast Asian nation, once firmly held in the...
Myanmar’s first social network to launch

Myanmar will get a glimpse at a pioneer Burmese-language social media platform on July 1 when SQUAR, a social network built for local consumers,...
Myanmar rice exports could double by 2020

A sector that employs over 70 per cent of the workforce and contributes 43 per cent to GDP, agriculture in Myanmar has become rightly...
Microfinance as key poverty eradication strategy for Myanmar

Myanmar’s president Thein Sein has identified microfinance to tackle extreme poverty in the country. However, the country has still a long way to go to establish the necessary structures.
Myanmar seeks agriculture assistance

During a bilateral meeting between Myanmar President Thein Sein and Philippine President Benigno Aquino III on the last day of the World Economic Forum...
Chinese investment in Myanmar drops

While interest of other foreign investors in Myanmar is surging, Chinese investment in the newly opened Myanmar economy has fallen over the past year...
Aquino set for first Myanmar visit

Philippine President Benigno Aquino III is scheduled to make an historic visit to Myanmar on June 7, where a high-level delegation including senior executives...
Unilever steps into Myanmar fold

Anglo-Dutch consumer goods producer Unilever began factory operations in Myanmar on June 4, the same day Coca-Cola restarted bottling in the country after an...
Myanmar could be ‘the next Austria’

A senior official in the Myanmar government has said that Myanmar "could be the next Austria" - at least in a geographical sense. "Austria, smacked...
Myanmar aims to launch bourse by 2015

Myanmar, the only ASEAN country that has no stock exchange, will continue pushing ahead with its plans to establish a bourse in the commercial...