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Philippine inflation could rise to 7%, only lagging Myanmar’s in ASEAN

Filipinos are increasingly forced to tighten their belts in the wake of a continued high inflation rate which reached 6.4 per cent in August...
Recent “sin tax” backfires on Thailand’s tobacco monopoly

A new excise tax (dubbed “sin tax”) on cigarettes, alcoholic beverages, sugary drinks, coffee drinks and tea drinks, imposed in September this year in...
Smoking ban comes into force in the Philippines

Hard times for smokers in the Philippines began on July 23 when a nationwide smoking ban decree signed by President Rodrigo Duterte back in...
Smoking in public in the Philippines now carries up to four months jail time

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte got serious with his plans to ban public smoking all over the country by signing a respective executive order on...
No ‘butts’ about ASEAN healthcare

In the Philippines, there is no need to fear committing a faux pas by taking a cigarette from an open pack on a table....
BAT doubles tobacco sourcing from Phils

British American Tobacco (BAT) has announced that it will step up its sourcing of tobacco leaves from the Philippines by doubling purchases to 3.6...