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Toshiba, Panasonic cease manufacturing in Indonesia

Japanese electronics companies Toshiba and Panasonic ended their manufacturing operations in Indonesia, selling three plants in total in the process which is estimated to...

India’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), contestant in the country’s 2014 general elections, said in its party manifesto that – besides creating more jobs...
Japan to lend Indonesia $1.46b for infrastructure

Japan will provide Indonesia with a total of $1.46 billion in loans for the country to boost development of vital infrastructure in the coming...
Japan to build Bangkok train system

A Japanese consortium will build an urban transit system in Bangkok, as part of Japan's drive to expand exports of railway infrastructure to the...
Myanmar readies to set up capital market

Myanmar, the only ASEAN country without a stock exchange or any other public capital market, plans to set up a committee to look into...
E-trike wave

The Philippine e-trike project majority financed by the Asian Development Bank has galvanised worldwide interest in the country’s electric vehicle industry.
Dentsu 505 071312093156

The takeover of UK-based marketing agency Aegis by Japan's advertising giant Dentsu for $5 billion is creating Asia's largest advertising conglomerate. The deal will...