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Tourism Council of Thailand

Thailand worried by plunge in Chinese tourist arrivals

As the number of Chinese tourist arrivals in Thailand keeps tumbling, dragging down overall visitor growth in the country, Thailand is dimming the outlook...
Tourist numbers in Thailand likely to meet 2014 target

International tourist arrivals in Thailand are likely to reach nearly 27 million in 2014 as targeted, Thai News Agency on June 24 reported the...
Thailand’s tourism sector calls for urgent measures

Thailand's tourism industry has called for the urgent formation of a new government to lure back tourists so the sector can continue its growth. "We...
More Bangkok flights axed due to unrest

As the unrest in Bangkok is carrying on, more flights to the Thai capital have been canceled as travelers increasingly shun the city now...
No-go areas in Bangkok announced

Bangkok's police have announced the no-go areas in the city under the emergency decree on January 24, further stoking tensions between authorities and anti-government...
Thailand plans tourist entry fee of 500 baht

The Thai government is mulling a plan to charge foreigners a 500-baht ($16) entry fee from January 2014, an idea the Ministry of Tourism...
Oil spill leaves Thai island with toxic sea water

The romantic holiday island of Koh Samet has been largely cleaned up from the July 27 oil spill, but the recovered pristine white beach...