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Tourism in Thailand

Thailand positions itself as ‘Muslim-friendly destination’

Thailand, the world’s tenth-most visited country that expects to welcome no less than 28 million foreign visitors this year, is positioning itself as a...
Thailand seeks to boost tourism numbers after poor year 2014

Commonly referred to as “The Land of Smiles”, Thailand doesn’t have much too smile about last year’s tourism figures. For the first time since...
Indonesia wants tourists to forget Thailand and travel to Bali

The Bali chapter of the Indonesian Tourist Industry Association (GIPI) sees the situation in Thailand as an opportunity for Bali to boost the number...
Thailand’s tourism sector calls for urgent measures

Thailand's tourism industry has called for the urgent formation of a new government to lure back tourists so the sector can continue its growth. "We...
Martial law in Thailand hurts currency, stocks, tourism

Thailand's currency, the baht, and Thai shares fell on May 20 after the army imposed martial law in an attempt to restore stability. The...
Thailand hopeful after emergency state ends

Tourism businesses and foreign investors have welcomed the government's decision to lift the state of emergency in Bangkok, expecting the move to facilitate the...
Tourism numbers in Pattaya drop sharply

The number of tourists, both local and foreign, visiting the popular Thai beach town of Pattaya is projected to drop to 7.5 million in...
Thai trade slumps most in four years

Thailand announced a slump in trade figures on February 25 with the biggest drop in imports in more than four years in January 2014,...
Pattaya tourism down 80% as Thai protests continue

Pattaya tourist levels have dropped 80 per cent from last year as political protests in Bangkok scare away the world’s visitors, the Pattaya Mail...
Japan cancels all Thailand tours

The emergency decree imposed over Bangkok and the ongoing anti-government protests in Thailand's capital have led to cancellations of all Japanese tours to Thailand,...
Thai tourism expects huge losses

The invoking of the emergency decree in Bangkok and vicinities on January 22 for 60 days could cost the tourism sector about 10 billion...
Tourist arrivals in Thailand jump 23%

International tourist arrivals in Thailand between January and September 2013 increased 23 per cent over the same period of 2012, Thailand's Permanent Secretary for...
Thailand expects 4m Chinese tourists in 2013

More than four million Chinese tourists will likely visit Thailand for the whole year since a total of 3.2 million have already visited the...
Ten reasons why Thailand has become a banana republic

Latest political and economic developments in Thailand have given many observers reason to believe that the country has crossed the line to being a...

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) said it expects the number of medical tourists visiting the country for healthcare services and medical treatment to...
Thailand shines as movie location (video)

Thailand, one of the most popular tourist destinations in ASEAN, is also proving to be an increasingly magnetic location for foreign films makers, as can be seen from the latest blockbuster "Lost in Thailand".