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tourism infrastructure

Brunei discovers tourism can be business – sets target of 450,000 visitors by 2020

The sleepy mini-state of Brunei Darussalam squeezed within Sarawak in the north of Borneo Island is set to give its underdeveloped tourism industry a...
Indonesia needs $20 billion for tourism development

Indonesia's initiative to create and promote ten "new Balis" - ten new tourists destinations that could become as popular as the crowded holiday island...
Thailand vows to solve problem of overcrowded airports

Experiencing the downside of a steadily increasing tourism influx, Thailand is desperately seeking a way to solve its problem with overcrowded and inadequately staffed...
Crystal Lagoons reveals 8 mega projects in Middle East

US-based Crystal Lagoons Corp.,a patented technology developer of giant crystalline lagoons, is boosting the profile of its growing portfolio of Middle East projects with...
Gulf nations to invest in Morocco’s tourism properties

Gulf states will invest $737 million in tourism infrastructure in the port of Casablanca in the first of a series of such projects, a...
ADB funds tourism in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has approved a $100 million aid package to support the development of tourism infrastructure in the three Mekong River...
Thailand seeks more tourism investors

Facing a surge in visitor numbers, Thailand is now starting to promote investment into additional leisure activities that support conventional beach and entertainment holidays...
The Philippines’ overdue make-over

The Philippines does indeed come off as a gritty girl who rushed herself out of bed in the morning, especially to visitors who get their first impression when arriving at Manila airport, Justin Calderon feels.
Fun in the Philippines costs $1.85b

The Philippines plan to spend around $1.85 billion in the next four years on infrastructure projects in support of the Department of Tourism’s “It’s...
Vietnam to invest massively in tourism

The Vietnam government has said it will allocate no less than $94.2 billion in funds sourced from state resources and private investment to upgrade...
Al Thani Ho Chi Minh

In an aim to attract more tourists from the GCC and to improve its own tourism infrastructure, Vietnam is seeking more tourism investment from...
Rashid Khan2

The Sarawak Tourism Board promotes the state as a preferred tourist destination throughout the world. Central message: This is a niche destination worth visiting.