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General Motors sets sight on Indonesia

US car maker General Motors (GM) is trying to break the Japanese stranglehold on the popular family car market in Indonesia, where it sees...
Companies pledge millions in typhoon help to Philippines

Companies and banks are on a growing list of private-sector donors who have pledged millions of dollars to support relief efforts in the Philippines,...
Vietnam car sales rose strongly in September

The Vietnam Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (VAMA) reported on October 12 that the country's auto industry sold 9,785 units in September, a 24 per cent...
Japanese banks eager to enter Thailand

Japanese banks are seeking permits to set up representative offices in Thailand in response to the surge in small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) from...
Indonesia pushes low-cost ‘green car’ production

Indonesia has started to offer incentives to support the production of more low-cost 'green cars' after Toyota declared its commitment to supply the country...
Mazda to sell cars in Myanmar

After Suzuki, Nissan, Toyota, Tata, Chery, Ford, General Motors and other carmakers, Japan's Mazda Motor Corp has said it will start selling new vehicles...
Nissan to start car production in Myanmar

Japanese carmaker Nissan plans to begin producing small cars and trucks in Myanmar with its Malaysian partner later in 2013, Nikkei newspaper reported on...
Suzuki invests $611m in Indonesia car plant

A few days after Toyota announced that it will spend $240 million for a new engine plant in Java, Indonesia, its Japanese cpmpetitor Suzuki...
Japan on record spending spree in ASEAN

China’s slowing economy and a lackluster home market have encouraged Japan to embark on a record-breaking spree in ASEAN, scooping up a staggering $8.2...
Smaller the better for Japanese cars in Indonesia

Indonesia’s rising middle class is getting hungry for mobility. But not all carmakers are making it in the race to capture one the world’s...
Philippines emerging onto favourable manufacturing track

The sadly immature Philippine manufacturing sector is beginning to show its capable of more than just baby steps. The jobs-starved nation has captured the...
Photoblog: 2013 Bangkok International Motor Show

Thailand is the center of the Southeast Asian car industry and the fifth biggest vehicle producer in Asia. A fact that makes the Bangkok International Motor Show a big draw for the entire industry - and also for Inside Investor.
E-trike wave

The Philippine e-trike project majority financed by the Asian Development Bank has galvanised worldwide interest in the country’s electric vehicle industry.
Perodua to boost investment, sales

Malaysia's second largest car maker, Perodua, has said it plans $770 million of investments over the coming four years to increase manufacturing efficiency, build...
Indonesia: 2013 investments to hit $29b

Indonesia is optimistic that it will remain an attractive location for foreign direct investments in 2013 and is expecting 270 trillion rupiah ($29 billion)...
Indo Stocks

Indonesia has commitments for $75 billion in foreign direct investments over the coming years, Chatib Basri, Chairman of Indonesia's Investment Coordinating Board, said on...

A new 11.6 billion baht ($376 million) factory in Thailand’s Samut Prakan province is being built by Japan’s Nissan Motor Co in an effort...
Kiat Esemka

Indonesia is taking steps to build its own national car under the brand "Kiat Esemka". Prototypes have been developed by engineering students at a...