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Trade deficit

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Laos is stepping up efforts for the use of electric vehicles in the country and will be...
Philippine president seeks advice as country faces mounting economic troubles

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, who previously had confessed his inadequacy on economic issues, is seeking help from people more fit in the subject. The...
Credit watcher sees “overheating risk” for Philippine economy

Despite sticking to its investment grade and stable outlook on the Philippines, US-based rating agency Fitch said the country’s economy was in danger of...
Myanmar economy loosing steam, reforms urgently needed

Myanmar, until recently perceived as the new tiger cub success story of Southeast Asia after the country's "soft opening" in 2011 under then-president Thein...
Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia on Trump’s ‘trade cheater’ list

Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia are among 16 nations US President Donald Trump put on a list of countries against whom the US runs a...