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Trade war

Vietnam, Thailand Benefit Most From Chinese Company Relocation Amid Trade War

More Chinese manufacturers are looking to Vietnam and Thailand as a production base to avoid US tariffs,...
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Singapore’s exports plunged to a six-year low in June, the latest in a series of negative indicators...
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The European Union risks a trade war with Malaysia over its “grossly unfair” policies aimed at reducing...
Foxconn plans iPhone plant in Vietnam in response to US-China trade war

Taiwanese electronics assembler Foxconn Technology Group is planning to open an iPhone manufacturing facility for Apple in Vietnam to mitigate the effects of the...
China plans free trade zone in the Golden Triangle

China is looking to establish a free trade zone at the section of the Mekong where the river forms the border between Myanmar and...
Trump backs boycott of Thai-made Harley-Davidson bikes

In what is probably a first in US history, an acting president publicly supported calls for a boycott of a US product, and, with...
Harley Davidson’s new Thailand plant comes at the right moment

Harley Davidson, the US motorcycle maker which will open a new plant in Thailand later this year, retrospectively has made the right decision at...
Trump’s trade war antics start worrying Thailand

Moves of the US administration to impose new tariffs and duties on a variety of imported products leaves Thailand worrying about its potential to...