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traffic congestion

Filipino entrepreneur builds passenger drone for traffic-plagued cities (video)

A Philippine inventor has constructed a large drone suitable for passenger transport and found a partner for mass production in Australia. Former dancer and camera...
Inspired by Singapore, Hanoi considers congestion charge for motorists

The Hanoi Department of Transport is considering collecting tolls for private vehicles traveling into the inner-city areas which often face traffic jams. Vu Van...
Hanoi to spend $40 billion on New Metro Lines

The metropolitan administration of Vietnam's capital Hanoi proposed to the government to build new metro lines at an investment of $40 billion up to...
Austrian firm in talks to ease Manila traffic chaos with cable cars

Austrian cable car and ski lift manufacturer Doppelmayr, world market leader in these segments, is in talks with the new Duterte administration in the...
Uber launches motorbike-on-demand service in Bangkok, a global first

With the the support of the Thai Traffic Police, online taxi service company Uber launched a new on-demand service for a motorbike taxis in...
‘Smart parking’ huge potential for smart cities

A new report from a Cambridge UK technology specialist says smart parking initiatives are still in low gear and need to be changed up...
Traffic jams costing a fortune for Philippine economy

The Philippines is losing around $55 million a day in lost productivity and potential income due to traffic jams, particularly in Metro Manila and...
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The municipal administration of Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) plans to build a $152 million bus rapid transit (BRT) system that will link eastern...