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Transparency International

Corruption Is Getting Worse In Asia, Report Shows

With an average score of just 44 out of 100 for three consecutive years, the Asia-Pacific region is making little progress in the fight...
Laos lost $30 million to corruption this year

Corruption in Laos has become worse despite the government’s ramped-up efforts to battle the issue over the past two years, NGOs say. In addition, many...
Cambodia remains most corrupt country in Southeast Asia

Cambodia remained the most corrupt country in Southeast Asia in the Corruption Perception Index 2017, the annual global graft ranking compiled by Transparency International,...
Philippine economy remains in overdrive, but warning signs appear

A bloody anti-drug war that blurs the line between law and lawlessness and serious problems with jihadists in the south did so far not...
Vietnam holds record for bribery in Southeast Asia

The new report “People and Corruption 2017: Asia-Pacific” released by anti-graft organisation Transparency International comes to the conclusion that an estimated 900 million people...
Corruption keeps plaguing Southeast Asia

The new Corruption Perception Index 2016 issued by Transparency International on January 25 paints no flattering picture of Southeast Asia as corruption in the...
ADB to pump $1 billion in development loans into Cambodia

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has offered Cambodia development loans of more than $1 billion in the coming four years as the Manila-based financial...
Corruption still widespread in Southeast Asia

The latest Corruption Perceptions Index 2015 released by Berlin-based graft watchdog Transparency International on January 27 shows that “tea money” remains an important requirement...
Myanmar to set up anti-corruption commission

Myanmar will "soon" set up an anti-corruption commission comprised of 15 lesser-known former public servants, according to a message sent by the president to...
Indonesia says fight against corruption gains ground

Indonesian officials say their country has made significant progress in cracking down on corruption over the past three years. Officials on February 10 announced...
Malaysia: Combatting corruption not very successful

Malaysia went up just on notch to 53rd place in the newly released Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) 2013 against 2012 despite much-trumpeted efforts to...

An newly published investment index by US media group and centrist think tank Foreign Policy, listing 102 countries globally for best returns, is based on a - to put it mildly - questionable and misleading methodology.