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Transport in Bangkok

Thailand delays Suvarnabhumi Airport expansion

Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited (AOT) has postponed its expansion plan of the country's main Suvarnabhumi Airport, as suggested by the army-led National...
Thai farmers to lay siege to Bangkok’s main airport

Tens of thousands of farmers, traveling on more than 1,000 farm tractors in a long convoy from the upper northern and central provinces, on...
40+ travel warnings for Thailand – UAE, Kuwait latest

More than 40 countries have issued or upheld travel warnings for Thailand ahead of the planned mass protests starting from January 13, suggesting travelers...
Bangkok’s Don Mueang airport readies for floods

Bangkok's second largest airport Don Mueang, used by a number of low-cost airlines including Airasia, said on October 5 it has finished building flood...
Don Mueang

Bangkok's old international airport Don Mueang will be reactivated to serve as a hub for low costs carriers including Thai AirAsia, state operator Airports...

The Thai government has committed itself to develop the country’s infrastructure with new road and rail networks and the expansion of air and seaports....