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Transportation in the Philippines

Philippines: One million electric vehicles by 2020

The Electric Vehicle Association of the Philippines (EVAP) said that a million electric vehicles could be riding on the streets of the country's urban...
US firms inks deal for electric jeepneys in Manila

US company Pangea Motors aiming to replace pollution-spewing urban mass transportation with zero-emission electric vehicles said it has secured a new deal in the...
Electric Van from Vancouver goes to the Philippines

Electric passenger vans built in Vancouver, will partly replace diesel jeepneys in Philippine capital of Manila, local media reported on August 13. The city's administration...
Electric vehicles become popular in the Philippines

The Philippines is leading the way on use of electric vehicles, and is positioned to become a huge market for that industry. Last year, the...
Fun in the Philippines costs $1.85b

The Philippines plan to spend around $1.85 billion in the next four years on infrastructure projects in support of the Department of Tourism’s “It’s...
Aseana City

The massive development of Aseana City, a flagship residential and office development on the outskirts of Manila is expected to attract $3 billion of...