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Philippines online activists call for protest march

Anger spreading through Facebook and other social media over alleged embezzlement of Philippines state funds has snowballed into calls for a rally expected to...
Twitter adds abuse-reporting function

Twitter announced on July 29 that it will now be easier for users to report harassment and abuse from other users. This announcement comes...
Squeeze-out in cyberspace: Facebook vs. ASEAN social media

Southeast Asians love Facebook. Indonesia has 64 million total Facebook users, Bangkok is the city with the most Facebook users per capita and Vietnam...
The #haze is back!

The haze has returned to many parts of Malaysia with the resumption of fires in Sumatra, Air Pollution Index (API) levels are inching higher...
Malaysia: An ASEAN tech hub?

Listen up Malaysians: If you find yourself hankering for the latest Apple gadget, it turns out you don’t have to look far for a...
Indonesia’s president scores high on social media

Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono made it to a celebrity on Twitter where he has gained nearly 2.7 million followers as of July 6...
Spotlight: What is Thailand’s next direction?

The precarious political path Thailand has once again stepped onto was the decision of a chat on Twitter today, July 5. Below are some of...
Thailand’s internet users set to double

Far from being a land of ascetic Buddhist norms, today Thailand is one of the most connected countries in the region. As of July...
Spotlight: ASEAN to discuss haze in Brunei

In search for a culprit to ending the haze phenomena that plagues Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia every year, ASEAN should embark on a soul-searching...
Southeast Asia haze: Fallout ensues – Join the discussion

Malaysia’s palm oil giant Sime Darby has deflected blame over being involved in the disastrous haze that engulfed Singapore and Peninsular Malaysia earlier this...
Eight Indonesians arrested as Singapore haze creeps back – Join the discussion

Is Indonesia rounding up scapegoats? Will the Singapore haze return? While fingers have been pointed at both Malaysia- and Singapore-linked companies operating in Sumatra, the...
ASEAN leaders use social media on haze issue

Leaders of haze-affected countries in ASEAN, namely Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, took to social media tools such as Twitter and Facebook to find a...
Spotlight: ASEAN nations beef up cyber defenses

Governments, it is widely agreed, must follow a mandate to protect their citizens. How much privacy they strip away from our online lives in order...
Starbucks claims robust Vietnam revenues

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz has announced that the coffee house giant’s first outlet in Ho Chi Minh City posted better revenues than expected after...
Jakarta is Twitter capital of the world

While Bangkok is the global number one city in terms of Facebook users, Jakarta has fallen in love with Twitter: Indonesia's capital contributed about...
Business speed: How does technology change?

Fundamental technological shifts redefining business in the 21st century were the focus of the Ideas Economy: Innovation Forum 2013 held in Berkeley, California.
Internet Cafe

The use of social media such as Facebook, Twitter and other open community forums and platforms are an important strategy that may be used...
Social Media Seo Logos1

The growth of social media has created change in the way business news is produced and consumed, and we will possibly see a real diversification in the way business news is created and disseminated, e.g. in online forums.