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United Front for Democracy Against Dictatorship

Thai gov’t asks for more troops in Bangkok in anticipation of violence erupting

The Thai government is to ask the army to deploy more troops in Bangkok as fears mount that the country's lengthy political crisis could...
New Thai Red Shirt leader prepares for ‘big battle’

The new leader of Thailand's pro-government "red shirt" movement said on March 17 that his supporters would take to the streets in support of...
Bomb blast closely missed Thai protest leader (video)video

At least 36 people were wounded in Bangkok on January 17 when an explosion hit anti-government demonstrators marching through the capital, the city's emergency...
Thailand: Red Shirts threaten to ‘surround Bangkok’

With the political situation in Thailand having reached an impasse as both sides - the government and the street protesters - won't move from...
Bangkok protesters cripple key ministries

After occupying the finance and foreign ministries as well as the public relations department of the government in Bangkok on November 25, thousands of...