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US Department of Agriculture

Philippines abandons rice self-sufficiency plan

The Philippines has shifted away from setting a target date for its plan to be completely self-sufficient in the production of rice, a senior...
Philippines to consider more rice imports, ending subsidy

Philippine officials will meet next week to consider more rice imports and ending a subsidy for farmers to cut debt at the National Food...
Philippines to import 800,000 tonnes of rice

The Philippines is looking to import as much as 800,000 tonnes of rice this year to boost thinning stockpiles and curb local price increases,...
Indonesia: Biodiesel use lets palm oil exports stall

A jump in palm oil consumption for biodiesel in Indonesia, the world’s biggest supplier, will probably mean that shipments fail to increase this year...
Indonesia’s palm oil reserves poised to drop

Palm oil inventories in Indonesia, the world’s largest supplier, probably declined in October to the lowest level in 16 months as rain disrupted production...
Thailand’s rice stockpiles at record height

Rice stockpiles in Thailand, once the world's biggest exporter, are expanding to a record amount as the government pledging scheme has spurred farmers to...
How will the US shutdown affect ASEAN?

So far, it is not entirely clear how far the shutdown of US government services will affect travel and trade between ASEAN and the...
Thai rice industry under heavy pressure

The steadily appreciating baht, a farmer subsidy scheme that is distorting competition and a build-up of the biggest-ever stockpiles have put Thailand's formerly flourishing...
Thailand wants rice top spot back

Thailand, having lost its position as number one rice exporter of the world in 2012 due to unfavourable government subsidy policies, is reclaiming the...