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US State Department

Trump makes it harder for Southeast Asians to obtain US visas

An increasing number of acts of terrorism and violent attacks, the spread of Islamist ideas and serious incidents of human trafficking from Southeast Asia...
US stops arms sales to Philippines

It must have been a discovery for Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte that his actions do have consequences. The US State Department halted the planned sale...
Obama finally lifts all economic sanctions on Myanmar

US President Barack Obama on October 7 finally announced the lifting of US sanctions on Myanmar, acknowledging that the country has pursued political reforms...
Duterte says farewell to US troops in the Philippines

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said on September 28 that the early October joint military exercise between the Philippines and the US would be the...
Brunei caning astonishes business world

By sentencing two foreign workers of Thai nationality to "strokes of the cane" for overstaying their visa and work permit, Brunei has caused disconcertment...
Myanmar helpless against drug dynamics

Myanmar has pushed back its self-imposed drug eradication deadline by five years as the nation struggles to combat resurgent production of opium and methamphetamine. The...
Clinton Arrival

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made short visits to Brunei and East Timor this week to hold talks on political and economic issues...