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Vegetable oils

Philippines targets 8 million hectares for palm oil production

The Philippines is proposing to convert 8 million hectares (20 million acres) of 'idle, denuded and unproductive lands' for oil palm plantations, reports the...
Indonesia: Biodiesel use lets palm oil exports stall

A jump in palm oil consumption for biodiesel in Indonesia, the world’s biggest supplier, will probably mean that shipments fail to increase this year...
Malaysian ringgit in losing streak

Malaysia's currency, the ringgit, is currently in its longest losing streak against the US dollar since 2005. The ringgit dropped to almost 3,30 a...
Indonesia world’s largest palm oil producer

Growing demand for Indonesia's palm oil and its domination of the world market was an attracting topic in a conference held at the Indonesian...
Indonesia’s palm oil reserves poised to drop

Palm oil inventories in Indonesia, the world’s largest supplier, probably declined in October to the lowest level in 16 months as rain disrupted production...
Becoming a truly global company

Felda's group CEO Mohd Emir Mavani Abdullah about his strategy
Palm oil exports from Indonesia rise 11%

Palm old shipments from Indonesia advanced in September 2013 for the first time in four months on reduced supplies of substitutes, boosting demand for...
Malaysia’s agro giant Felda in expansion spree

Felda Global Ventures Holdings, one of the world's largest palm oil companies and agro conglomerates based in Malaysia and listed at the stock exchange...
Malaysia palm oil businesses coming to Myanmar

Myanmar, a country still intimately hinged on agriculture, will become the recipient of investment by Malaysian companies looking to construct palm oil factories, Minister...
Cargill to boost palm oil investments

US food and agro-giant Cargill Inc. has said it will "aggressively" expand its palm oil holdings in Sulawesi, Indonesian Borneo and Sumatra in order...

Malaysian palm oil reached more than a three-month high in exports in late January 2013 due to dry weather in main soy-producing areas in...
Palm Oil

Indonesia, the world’s largest producer of palm oil, is about to become the largest consumer as well, overtaking India as the front runner. Consumption could...