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Inspired by Venezuela, Cambodia said to mull own cryptocurrency – officials deny

A Cambodian firm is expected to announce on March 7 that it will launch the country's own cryptocurrency called "Entapay" at the 2018 ASEAN...
Thailand tops “happy country” list for low unemployment, stable inflation

Thailand is the world's happiest country, and Venezuela is the most miserable - this is the result of Bloomberg's newly released Misery Index which...
Southern Philippines, Sulu Sea region next on Trump’s travel ban list?

The Southern Philippines and the Sulu-Sulawesi Sea region, together with other nations such as Pakistan, Colombia and Venezuela, could be next on an extended...
Petronas exits Venezuela venture

Malaysia's oil giant Petronas is exiting one of the biggest petroleum projects in Venezuela's Orinoco belt after disagreements with Venezuela's state-run Petroleos de Venezuela...
Insights on Brunei’s global competitiveness ranking

The Global Competitiveness Report 2013-2014 of the World Economic Forum (WEF) has shed an interesting light on the current state of Southeast Asian economies,...

While the northern hemisphere has been struggling to solve internal crunches, new trade, investment and cooperation axes were being formed globally. In this scenario, ASEAN and Latin America are moving closer.

To reach a state of national happiness, politics, the very nature of humanity’s will to guide and nurture, must play a part. Justin Calderon asks himself how this concept might apply to ASEAN countries.

By offering a $10 billion credit line for infrastructure and proposing a key trade forum, China is wooing countries in Latin America and tries...