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Vietnam Food Association

Philippines to import 800,000 tonnes of rice

The Philippines is looking to import as much as 800,000 tonnes of rice this year to boost thinning stockpiles and curb local price increases,...
Vietnam’s rice export drops 17%

Vietnam exported about 6.3 million tonnes of rice during the January 1 - December 19, 2013 period, down about 17 per cent from the...
Vietnam lowers 2013 rice export target

The Vietnam Food Association (VFA) has once again lowered the 2013 rice export target to around 6.7 million tonnes, down about 11 per cent...
Vietnam rice exporters feel Thai heat

Thailand’s decision to unleash its huge rice inventory of about 17 million tonnes has negatively impacted many rice exporters, including those in Vietnam, according...
Vietnam’s exports grow, but prices remain challenging

Vietnam's economy seems to get back on track, given the latest export figures. The Ministry of Industry and Trade on September 3 has estimated...
Vietnam outperforms Thailand in rice exports

Vietnam exported 4.69 million tonnes of rice, worth some $2 billion in the first eight months of 2013, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural...
India beats Thailand as top rice exporter

India has emerged as the world’s largest rice exporter in 2012 beating its Asian counterpart Thailand with shipment of 9.75 million tonnes, according to...