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Vietnam Corporations Line Up To Start Business With North Korea When Sanctions Fall

Companies from Vietnam are eager to be among the first to do business with and in North Korea should international sanctions be lifted, positioning...
Viettel has plans to expand to North Korea, Cuba

Viettel Group, Vietnam's largest mobile network operator wholly owned and operated by the Ministry of Defense, has plans to expand to socialist sister countries...
Vietnam’s top IT companies reach over $16 billion in revenue

The turnover of Vietnam’s top 50 IT companies topped $16 billion last year and employment reached roughly 93,000 people, according to the Vietnam Software...
Army-backed fourth telecom provider launched in Myanmar

Myanmar’s fourth telecom operator, under the brand of Mytel, officially launched its services in the country on June 9 and offers 80 per cent...
Submarine Internet cable breaks off Vietnam

A submarine Internet cable, part of the 20,000-kilometer Asia-America Gateway that links Southeast Asia with the US, broke on December 21 off the coast...