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Laos Launches E-visa This June

In a bid to attract more tourists and reduce waiting times at border checkpoints, Laos’ ministry of...
Thailand issues free visas-on-arrival to boost tourism

The Thai Immigration Bureau has approved the plan to temporarily waive visa-on-arrival fees for 21 countries, China and India among them, in hopes of...
Malaysian passport classified as fifth-best worldwide

The Malaysian passport has been ranked fifth among the best passports in the world in terms of visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to other countries...
Taiwan considers cutting visa-free travel to twice a year for Thailand, Philippines, Brunei visitors

Taiwan mulls reducing the number of visa-free entries for citizens of Thailand, the Philippines and Brunei to two times year, down from currently six...
Laos to introduce e-visa by 2019

Laos will join Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar in offering an online e-visa option for tourism purposes, the last country in Southeast Asia to switch...
Vietnam to switch to e-visas by next year

The Vietnam government is about to put an end to the tiresome tourism visa process it uses to offer via numerous and partly unreliable...