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As many as 32 per cent of Cambodian consumers plan to stop using cash for their errands and bill payments following the Covid-19 pandemic,...
ASEAN considers Schengen-style single-visa scheme

Tourism officials of the ten-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations, or ASEAN, are looking into the possibility of creating a European Union-style single visa...
Vietnam extends visa terms, targets 8.5 million tourists in 2015

Vietnam has set a goal to welcome up to 8.5 million foreign tourists (up from 7.9 million in 2014) and 41 million domestic tourists...
Thailand changes tourist visa-exempt rules: 30 more days approved

Effective 29 August 2014, tourists from 49 countries who were permitted to enter Thailand for 30 days on what is called a "visa exempt"...
Japan mulls visa waivers for Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam

Japan might grant visa waivers to tourists from Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam when it revises its tourism action plan in June, government sources...
Visa procedures deter up to 10 million ASEAN visitors

A new report published by the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) and the World Travel & Tourism Council shows that improving visa processes in ASEAN...
Visa-free entry to Myanmar for Filipinos

Starting January 4, 2014, Filipino nationals holding ordinary passports may now enter Myanmar without a visa and stay there for up to 14 days,...
Philippines, Myanmar to sign visa-free agreement

The Philippines and Myanmar will sign an agreement that will grant Filipino visitors visa-free access to Myanmar. This is one of the deals to...
Japan to ease visa rules for more ASEAN countries

After relaxing visa rules for tourists from Thailand and Malaysia, Japan plans to also ease visa requirements for Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos by the...
Tourism: Top 10 foreign spenders in Malaysia

A new study by credit card firm Visa has listed the top spenders among card holding tourists coming to Malaysia in 2012. The result:...
Malaysia to ease long-term business visa policy

Malaysia's prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said on June 13 that the country plans to introduce multiple entry visas for up to five...
ASEAN business visa policy favourable for Qatar

A multi-state visa for ASEAN visitors is a highly desirable and necessary way to improve the region’s growth prospects. And, this will be a great relief for business travelers who want to explore various opportunities in the region.
Western Union

Western Union, the US-based global money transfer service provider, has signed a deal with Myanmar's Co-operative Bank (CB Bank) to conduct person-to-person money transfers...
ATM Yangon

Cash-dominated Myanmar is taking a huge step toward modern financial integration now that credit card company Visa has begun training employees of local banks...