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Visitor arrivals

Thailand is fully reopening the country on July 1, dropping all Covid-19 entry regulations which have been imposed for many months and were perceived...
Tourism Arrivals On The Upswing In The Philippines

International visitor arrivals to the Philippines grew by more than seven per cent to 2.2 million in...
Tourism Arrivals In Vietnam On Steady Growth Trajectory

Unspoiled beach in the coastal city of Da Nang in central Vietnam © Arno Maierbrugger International visitor...
Myanmar grants free visas for Chinese, Japanese and South Koreans as visitor numbers dwindle

Myanmar will grant free visa allowances to Chinese, South Korean and Japanese nationals from August 1 onwards in a bid to promote eco-tourism, U...
Tourism arrivals in Myanmar expected to decline this year

Significantly fewer visitor arrivals from Western countries will cause an overall decline in tourism numbers in Myanmar this year, according to local tour operators....
New low-cost flights should bring more Chinese tourists to Brunei

A Chinese budget airline with the enchanting name Lucky Air just launched flights from Kunming, the capital of China's southern Yunnan province, and from...