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US e-commerce giant Amazon and retail chain Walmart are among the companies urged by activists to remove offers of gems originating from Myanmar, which...
Detailled Cambodia garment factory map shows everything

The Cambodian Center for Human Rights has put a map of garment factories operating in Cambodia and their supply chains on the Internet. The map...
Garment gore: Myanmar vulnerable to Bangladesh textile horrors

Using Bangladesh as a cautionary tale, Myanmar now faces the task of carefully wading through the newly found attention it’s receiving to avoid becoming the next garment industry bedlam.
Behind the curtain: ASEAN’s 4 most secretive tycoons

In ASEAN, a highly potent cocktail blending the benefits of export-led economies and under-the-table government support throughout the bloc has bred a nebulous class of tycoons that prefer to enjoy their prosperity in secret.
Cambodia hikes minimum wages by 20%

The Cambodian government has raised the monthly minimum wage for garment and footwear workers by 20 per cent after a series of strikes in...