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waste management

Philippines Drowning In Plastic Bag Waste

The Philippines has a growing environmental problem with waste from plastic bags, with 164 million mostly non-recyclable pieces being thrown away by Filipinos on...
Smart cities: GCC to deploy tweeting trash containers

Finnish technology company Enevo introduced a new waste management service at the WETEX (Water, Energy, Technology, and Environment Exhibition) exhibition in Dubai held from...
Japan assists Cambodia to Reduce Carbon Footprint

The government of Japan on April 11 signed a Low Carbon Growth Partnership agreement with Cambodia, aiming to assist the country to reduce the...
Singapore discovers opportunities in Ghana

Singapore is going to open a first-of-its-kind trading office in Sub-Saharan Africa in Ghana, it turned out at a recent meeting by International Enterprise...

Oman and Singapore are moving closer to look for bilateral investment opportunities, it turned out at the Oman Investment Forum which was hosted by...