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Filipino tycoons saw their collective wealth rise 30% to a total of $79 billion, the latest Forbes list of the Philippines’ 50 richest...
Vietnam Wants 5% Of Population To Own Stocks

Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange © Arno Maierbrugger The Vietnam government is encouraging its people to have...
Reports says Thailand has worst wealth distribution globally

Thailand has overtaken Russia and India as the most unequal country in the latest survey by Credit Suisse. Two years ago, Thailand ranked third...
Thailand’s richest earned a few more billions in 2016

The new Forbes list of Thailand's 50 richest is out, and it shows that most of those who already possess a considerable fortune added...
The world’s most charitable nation: Myanmar!

Myanmar rank first place in the Charities Aid Foundation's (CAF) sixth World Giving Index, holding the position for the second year running. According to the...
Wealth report picks Yangon as one of four ‘Cities of the Future’

The annual “Wealth Report” recently released by global real estate consultancy Knight Frank has an interesting angle: Apart from listing global cities most important...
Businessman from the Philippines tops the 10 richest in ASEAN list 2015

While tycoons from China and India dominate the richest in Asia list, these 10 billionaires will find solace in topping the regional list in...

Millionaires in the US see real estate as the "top alternative-asset class to own" in 2014, according to a survey by investment bank Morgan...
Vietnam’s party chief warns against growing wealth gap

Vietnam’s economic divide is widening and poses the most worrying threat to the survival of the political regime, said Communist Party chief Nguyen Phu...
Millionaire population surges in communist Vietnam

The number of extremely wealthy individuals in Vietnam has grown 14.7 per cent in 2013 over 2012, the second fastest growth rate in Southeast...
Which country is the luckiest in ASEAN?

To reach a state of national happiness, politics, the very nature of humanity’s will to guide and nurture, must play a part. Justin Calderon asks himself how this concept might apply to ASEAN countries.
Luxury Brands China

Southeast Asia, China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan will be the world's richest economies by 2050 and are already home of the largest number...
Rolls Royce Phantom China

Fast-growing Asia-Pacific for the first time outnumbered North America in the number of dollar millionaires, according to the World Wealth Report 2012, released by...