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Western Union

US takes steps to clear Myanmar company blacklist

The US has been telling Myanmar companies it once designated as cronies of Myanmar’s former military junta that now may be the time to...
Philippines: Western Union opens banking channel

Global payment service provider Western Union Company is expanding into the Philippines’s bank channel paving the way for international direct-to-bank remittances in minutes to...
MoneyGram launches services in Myanmar

US-based money transfer company MoneyGram announced on August 28 that it will launch is international money transfer service in Myanmar. Services will be provided through...

Remittances from Overseas Filipino Workers (OWF) remained strong during the first quarter of 2013. The Philippines Central Bank forecasts a solid 5 per cent annual increase in remittances volume for the full year.

The Central Bank of Myanmar will undergo a massive liberalisation programme to end its legacy of military control, with President Thein Sein expected to...

Western Union, the US-based global money transfer service provider, has signed a deal with Myanmar's Co-operative Bank (CB Bank) to conduct person-to-person money transfers...