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World Tourism Organisation

Thailand set to struggle with expected tourist influx of 60 million by 2030

With this year's Global Summit of the World Travel & Tourism Council being held in Thailand's capital Bangkok on April 26 and 27, the...
Laos expects tourism boom

About 3.9 million foreign tourists are expected to arrive in Laos in 2014 according to new forecasts and modeling, an official in the sector...
Visa procedures deter up to 10 million ASEAN visitors

A new report published by the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) and the World Travel & Tourism Council shows that improving visa processes in ASEAN...
Malaysia seeks more visitors from Middle East

Tourism Malaysia has started different programmes to attract visitors from the region for its big celebration, the Visit Malaysia Year (VMY) 2014 in the...
Vietnam: More tourists, but little spending

Vietnam attracted around 6,85 million tourists in 2012, a growth of 13.9 per cent, according to statistics by the World Tourism Organisation. However, the country...
The ups and downs of Brunei tourism

Many a thoughts have been given as to how Brunei can attract more tourists to its small territory, which with no doubt boasts attractive...
Malaysia drops in tourism ranking

Malaysia fell one rank in the World Tourism Organisation (WTO)'s annual tourism barometer that determines the most visited countries worldwide. The ranking for 2012 shows...