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World Trade Organisation

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The European Union risks a trade war with Malaysia over its “grossly unfair” policies aimed at reducing...
Japanese oil firm plans refineries, petrol stations in Indonesia, Vietnam

JX Nippon Oil & Energy Corp is looking at building refineries and petrol stations in Indonesia and Vietnam as fuel consumption slumps at home,...
What’s next for Laos after joining the WTO?

Earlier this year Laos celebrated the first anniversary of its World Trade Organisation (WTO) membership. Laos’ accession to the WTO has been less talked...
India, Indonesia to team up for food security

Eager to add “further depth and content” to the strategic partnership established in 2005, India and Indonesia on October 11 decided to join hands...
Our Series: Ethics in Business – ‘Fair Trade’ or ‘Fair Game’ – Who benefits, really?

A conversation with Dr. Rebecca Sta Maria, Secretary General, MITI
UNCTAD: Thailand needs to improve 10 areas

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) has recommended that Thailand develop 10 areas to improve it position in ASEAN, after several...
Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar: No need for copyrights

Three ASEAN countries for the coming 8 years will not have to bother about intellectual property rights. The World Trade Organisation (WTO) on June...
Vietnam Supermarket

Recent boycotts of Chinese goods in Vietnam have opened the way for Thai imports to give China a run for their money. by Laura Noggle “Chinese...

Malaysia's largest bank, Maybank, opened its first branch in Laos on November 5, completing the bank's coverage of all 10 ASEAN member nations. The branch...
Laos WTO

After years of negotiations and reforms, Laos received a confirmation on Friday, October 26, that  it is now part of the World Trade Organisation,...
Laos Investment

The economy of Laos is predicted to grow by 7.9 per cent in the country's fiscal year 2012/13, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) stated...
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Trade between GCC countries and Malaysia increased from $10.5 billion in 2010 to $13.4 billion in 2011, Malaysian Deputy Minister of the Ministry of...
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Non-oil trade between the UAE and Singapore swelled to over $2.86 billion in 2011, a recent study by the Ministry of Foreign Trade in...

Asked where they would currently see the biggest opportunities for profitable investments in ASEAN, Inside Investor readers voted equally for Myanmar and Indonesia as the countries where things are happening.

Laos is nearing the approval of its membership in the World Trade Organisation (WTO). The accession negotiations are in the final stages, the country's...
Counterfeit Ipad

Intellectual property laws are still weak throughout Southeast Asia, despite some countries stepping up measures for better protection of trademarks and patents. However, counterfeit goods seem to remain an ever-thriving industry.

The World Economic Forum on East Asia 2012 opens its doors on May 30 in Thailand's capital Bangkok. The three-day conference is themed 'Shaping...