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Myanmar business tycoon complains about government’s “neglect of economy”

Serge Pun, one of the richest individuals not only in Myanmar, but all over Southeast Asia, on July 6 criticised the government of Aung...
World Bank bashed for funding Myanmar projects linked to tycoons

A US-based campaign group focusing on Myanmar urged the World Bank’s financing arm International Finance Corporation (IFC) to reconsider its Myanmar investments, saying its...
Mobile money a big hit in emerging Southeast Asia

Giving millions of “unbanked” people the opportunity to undertake money deals by simply using their mobile phones has turned out to be a highly...
Thilawa economic zone’s share offering oversubscribed in Myanmar

The placement of 2.1 million shares of Myanmar's fast-growing Thilawa Special Economic Zone - which were offered through banks in absence of a stock...
Myanmar won’t allow any more private banks (full list)

Myanmar will not grant permission for new private banks except for branch offices which are jointly cooperating with the government, according to the Deputy...