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Agreement signed to build China-Myanmar Economic Corridor

Myanmar and China signed a memorandum of understanding to set up the China-Myanmar Economic Corridor (CMEC) as part of Beijing’s Belt and Road Initiative,...
Laos next target for Chinese tourist “invasion”

With hordes of Chinese tourists overrunning one Southeast Asian country after the other as a result of a new travel freedom and rising spending...
New US sanctions against Myanmar military in Rohingya crisis

The US broadened its sanctions against Myanmar on August 17, blacklisting four commanders and two units of security forces for their alleged role in...
New low-cost flights should bring more Chinese tourists to Brunei

A Chinese budget airline with the enchanting name Lucky Air just launched flights from Kunming, the capital of China's southern Yunnan province, and from...
Myanmar-China oil pipeline opens, greatly reduces shipping time

Myanmar finally opened a new crude oil pipeline in January linking its western coast with China’s southern province of Yunnan, cutting shipping time for...
Thai junta approves $23-billion high-speed rail projects

Thailand's ruling junta has approved a $23-billion transport project that will see two high-speed railways link up directly with China by 2021, in a...
Laos farmers urged to grow vine instead of opium

A new project to encourage opium poppy farmers to instead grow a species of vine is underway in Laos in collaboration with China, main...
Vietnam to open 4 economic zones at Chinese border

Vietnam will open four new economic zones along the border of China by 2020, a ministry official said on November 27. Vietnam’s Ministry of Industry...
Next blow for Myanmar’s Dawei project

The huge project for an industrial zone plus sea port in Myanmar's southern region of Dawei has suffered another setback as the planned 110-kilometer...
China-ASEAN rail network advances

China started operations on February 23 on the 141-kilometer Yuxi-Mengzi railway line, part of the Pan-Asia railway network that will connect China to ASEAN...
China-Laos railway to commence

Construction is slated to start soon on the new China-backed 418-kilometer railroad that will snake through Yunnan province into Southeast Asia, linking together Kunming;...
The yuan continues marching south

Up until September 2012, border trade between Myanmar and China measured $2.4 billion, with 70 per cent coming across the Yunnan-Myanmar border. Trade with India is but a trickle in comparison. Justin Calderon found out why.
High Speed Rail

Thailand's government has committed to its biggest investment in history: $90 billion will be spent over the next seven years to develop infrastructure for...

China has opened a currency service center on Saturday, May 19, at the border to Myanmar in a bid to enhance trade between the...